Tips to remove Stains from White Clothes

Tips to remove Stains from White Clothes

There’s no much feeling better than slipping into fresh, new, white clothes, but over time stains and regular wear and washing can make them far less attractive. 

Removing stains from white clothes is easy when you have the right products and the right strategy !  if you do not have , hand it over to  the professional 

Before using any new product or method on your clothes, remember to test it in a small, inconspicuous spot first, and to follow the directions on the label. You should also be sure to consult the care label on your garment to check that it is safe to attempt stain removal yourself and so you know what type of material you are dealing with.

Mostly our white clothes are effected with sweat stain or yellow stains
 If you’re washing white clothes, it’s important to only wash white materials together to avoid other colours bleeding into white fabric. 

Yellow stains are often a result of natural bodily products such as sweat, combined with the chemicals we use to combat them like deodorant, and can embed and accumulate over time to make it seem like your white clothes are ruined.

How do you get rid of a stain on a white shirt fast?, Tips to remove stain on white clothes.

How do you get rid of a stain on a white shirt fast ?

Oxygen bleach can work wonders on yellow stains. Other products that have been proven to brighten up yellowing clothes include lemon juice, salt, and meat tenderiser powder.

After washing an item with a stain, check your wet laundry before drying it to make sure the stain is gone (the heat from the drying process will often make the stain permanent). If the mark is still visible, pre treat as before or try another stain treatment process and wash again.

If you have short of time and do not know how to remove stain on white clothes. Do not worry , we are here for you. we will do it professionally. call our Laundry Expert and get it done as fresh & new as it was.

Salt is great as it can be used both prior to washing, by soaking the stained white clothes in a salt solution for a few hours, and can be put into your washing machine to brighten white clothes.

Water temperature is key When it comes to retaining whiteness, it’s always better if the water is really hot. Of course, not every piece fabric welcomes heat. For instance, cashmere and polyester need cool water while Lycra and silk need lukewarm water or they run the risk of shrinking 

There you have it your whites can be as bright and stain-free as the day you bought them with these tips – try it for yourself!

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