laundry service in dwarka

Laundry service in dwarka

laundry service in dwarka

There are lots of Dry cleaners & laundry service in dwarka out there, but not many that will do your laundry for you. That’s where Rare Laundry comes in. Now this is what we call the age of convenience.

Looking to save time during your busy work week? Why not try wash and fold service from Rare Laundry ? We offer free laundry pickup and delivery to Dwarka and the surrounding sectors.

Rare Laundry service in dwarka is the ultimate solution to get your laundry Done. Done right and done affordably.

whether you’re too busy or just in a pinch we’ll pick-up, clean, fold, and return your laundry, nice and neat- so you don’t have to worry about it!

We help you do less laundry so you can do more important things. Place your order online, over the phone.

From your favourite jeans to your baby’s blankie, our experienced laundry specialists will care for your clothes as if they were their own.

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