Laundry Services for PG in delhi

Laundry services for pg in delhi

Laundry Services for PG in delhi

Coming to a Study in city as populated as Delhi and finding a good place to stay with all facilities is more difficult than it sounds. if you find the space, washing clothes is another challenges for students. but do not worry we are doing Laundry Services for PG in delhi.

With a drastically growing urban population in Delhi region, Students ,working professionals and couples are increasingly looking for instant and online solutions to cater to their daily needs, and laundry is definitely one of the task topping their ‘Must-to-do’ work list on weekends. 

If you hate doing your own laundry, RaRe offers a full wash, dry and fold service for students in Reading. We are offering Laundry service for pg in delhi

We know you’re busy in important work. That’s why we’re here to help you look your best.  Let RaRe Laundry & Dry Cleaners take care of your laundry & dry cleaning

The biggest supporters of RaRe Laundry are students who are juggling full class schedules, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs and rest in laundry & dry Cleaning we are doing for them.

Tell us where and when you want your dry cleaning or laundry picked up with a few taps.

We launder and iron all commercial linen,Towels and Clothes from PG in Delhi, hotels, B&B’s, guest houses and homes. All services are Eco-friendly with hypoallergenic detergents.

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