Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Your First Order !

If you have a question about your existing order, please email

Q. What should i Prepare for the first Pick – up ?

Ans: Just your clothes – our Laundry Rider will bring a Rare laundry bag to place your loose clothes in, keeping them all together.

For Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold orders our Laundry Expert will leave you with a reusable bag upon delivery – for all those future orders.

In case pick-up gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, our team will update you before-hand.

Q. How long does the cleaning take ?

Ans: We aim to collect, clean and deliver your laundry all within 48 hours.
We take 48 Hours for laundry and 72 hours for dry cleaning. But in case of an emergency, we can make special arrangements on extra charges.

However we can get busy so select an available delivery time that suits you and we will return your order to you then.

Q. What is the minimum order size?

Ans: Our Minimum order value is Rs 250.

Q. Can I add extra items to my order when you collect ?

Ans: Yes you can – just give any extra items you have to our Laundry rider. Extra items will be input into our system upon arrival at our laundry facility.

Q. Can I order by email or phone ?

Ans: It’s much easier for you to order online or through the app or through the Call. Why not download Rare Laundy App for iOS or Android now and try it out ?

Q. What items should be laundered and which should be dry cleaned ?

Ans: With your dry cleaning, we’ll check the label and see how to best treat it – we may even call you if we aren’t sure how to proceed with washing an item that looks delicate.

Please note that we cannot check care labels of items in Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold orders. So please separate dry clean and laundered items.

We recommend you do not include shirts in Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold orders so they can be pressed to a crisp finish.

Q. Can you clean a specific type of clothing?

Ans: You can search our categories in the app to find the types of clothing we do support (quite a large range!). If you can’t find the category in the app then feel free to contact Customer Care so we can check for you.

Q. How to contact RaRe laundry in case of a query/complaint ?

Ans: You can always call at our call centre number or write us at We will be more than happy to hear from you.

Q. I’m not sure how my items should be cleaned?

Ans: That’s ok – we are experts when it comes to knowing the best cleaning methods.

We’ll always do our best to make sure your clothes are handled correctly and with the utmost care.

If there’s any doubt or we can’t find a care label, we’ll have one of our cleaning experts give you a call before we proceed.

Alternatively, if we can’t get hold of you we’ll return the item to you uncleaned so there’s no possibility of damage to your items.

Q. Where are my clothes cleaned ?

Ans: Depending on where you live you clothes will be cleaned at one of our partners professional grade cleaning facilities. Their team of local and experienced dry cleaners will always handle your clothes with the utmost care.

Q. What fabrics don’t you clean?

Ans: Leather, suede, velvet or fur items. This is because of the cost to clean these items usually outweighs the benefit to you.

In the rare event that we receive your clothes and cannot clean them, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Q. What do you suggest to tackle clothes which bleed out color?

Not all fabrics behave well after they are manufactured and can lose dye in different ways. Some dark coloured clothes have this tendency to bleed out color and white garments are most susceptible to adhering to this bled color. So we suggest not to give expensive white clothes in the lot for laundry. Dry cleaning expensive clothes is always a better and safe option.

Collection & Delivery

Q. When can you collect my order?

Ans: Typically we are available all week from 7am to 10pm although collection and delivery times can vary subject to availability.
To see when we are available Order online or download the app today!

Q. Can I schedule pickup and delivery at different locations?

Ans: Currently pickup and delivery needs to be at the same location. We will be adding multi-location functionality very soon.

Q. Time frame to clean – how long does it take?

If possible, we aim to collect, clean and deliver all orders within 48 hours. Sometimes we can get busy so we when placing your order please select your preferred delivery time that suits you.

Q. Can I reschedule a collection or delivery ?

Yes, you can amend your order within the app. This can be found in your order basket – located in the top right of the iOS and Android app.
Please note there is a cancellation fee of INR 200 for any collection which is cancelled or rescheduled at less than four hours notice as our experts have already packaged up your order and will be on their way to your suburb by then.

Q. I missed a scheduled collection/delivery, what do I do?

Ans. Not to worry ! Email us at
Alternatively, you can reschedule your order your by clicking on the basket icon – located in the top right hand corner of iOS or Android apps; and on the web.

We will try contact you within 1 days to arrange a new collection and delivery time.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, unless your order is within 4 hours before the scheduled pickup slot. Please contact Customer Care via Call or email if this is the case.

A Rs. 200 cancellation charge for failing to be present or canceling less than four hours before a scheduled collection will apply.

Q. What are your customer care hours?

Ans. We are here to help from 8 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday. Please contact us by email at or Via Call

Q. How can I pay?

Ans. You can pay to the laundry rider via cash or card and also Via Visa/MasterCard cards right in the app.

Q. What’s your pricing?

Prices depend on your location. and special offers in your area at the time. Order now to view these for yourself.

You can also Check the Prices at our Laundry Price list Page of the website.

Dry Cleaning

  1. What if my clothes are damaged?

    Incidents of damage to date have never occurred! – but we understand it’s common customer concern. That’s why we’re fully insured!
    In the extremely rare event your item is damaged, we’ll reimburse you in accordance with our compensation policy. Please refer to the T&Cs for more details.

  2. Can all stains be removed ?

    We use the very highest quality equipment and industry-leading stain removal products. But unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to remove all stains.
    If you are dissatisfied with the quality we provide we offer a free re-clean.

  3. Do I need to weigh my Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold bag?

    Not at all. All Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold orders are weighed when they reach the facility. You’ll receive a confirmation email of the final weight from our team.

  4. What clothes can’t be Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold?

    Silk, leather, fur, velvet or cashmere or any dry clean only items. These are not suitable for machine washing or tumble drying.

    Bedding and towels too. These should be ordered separately to ensure the best possible clean for large items.

  5. Colours and whites – do I need to sort these?

    We’ll do that for you. All you need to do is make sure you don’t include dry clean items with a Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold order.

  6. What temperature do you wash the clothes?

    A temperature around a 30 degrees is used for all Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold orders. it can be up if it for hygiene purpose.

  7. Do you dry my clothes?

    Absolutely! All your clothes in a Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold order are tumble dried at a medium heat until dry.

    Please make sure your clothes you include in a tumble dry order are in fact tumble dry friendly! (And no, we do not put your dry cleaning orders orders into a tumble dryer, they are professionally cleaned and ironed crisp)

  8. Can I keep the Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold bag?

    Yes, we deliver your first order back to you within a special bag. Use it for your next order. Super quick, super easy.

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